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OSCON 2013

By  Jul 18, 2013

Topics: Open Source

I am so excited that I won a scholarship to OSCON 2013 from InformIT Women in Technology!

Normally what I do so that I can go to conferences is volunteer. I am a fifth year volunteer for Open Source Bridge. OSCON doesn't have much in the way of volunteer opportunities. Usually I sit in an exhibit hall booth answering questions. Last year I helped out Stumptown Syndicate. I love talking with people, but I long to go to sessions and tutorials. My daughter is a speaker at OSCON. Now I can go hear her speak.  

I am looking forward to going to:
Community-Driven Event Planning
R Predictive Analytics Workshop

I am busy getting ready for Ignite OSCON. I have a presentation; Is there a Cat in Here, Data Mining with Toys.

I am looking forward to learning new things, meeting new people and seeing old friends.

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