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Traenk recently upgraded to the free Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X Mavericks updates.  Which of the two was the better, more effortless upgrade?

I have long attachment to both Windows and Mac OS (anything).  Both have helped me create an IT career for decades, with Windows and Mac security being very challenging.  As a former Microsoft MVP, for teaching Windows development, it's obvious I am a Windows shil and will choose Windows, right?  Wait!  As an early adopter of Apple technology and past 6502 coder, it's obvious I will choose anything Apple, right?

Will I be that predictable?  I think not.

The Apple installation was unmercifully long, with me needing to try a few times because of server capacity issues.  My thanks to Apple for creating an OS Update whose primary distribution medium is the Internet itself.  Working through the update download server issues, though, seemed to demonstrate the failings of this approach, not the innovation.

The Windows installation started with a potential lead over the Apple installation; but it, too, was marred with issues.  I had kept my Windows 8.1 preview system off the 'Net for weeks as I tested to what degree patches for Windows stack up.  Imagine my surprise as I searched the Windows store for the 8.1 free update, and it didn't show up?  As I started a gargantuan OS update, I hit the web to find my missing 8.1 update.  Reading the obscure link on the Microsoft site, I learned that 8.1 would only appear in the store once my gargantuan OS update completed.

This meant I needed to complete a gargantuan update to see the 8.1 upgrade link so that I could download a gargantuan OS update that would apply the patches my initial upgrade promises.  (Let me apologize to my ISP now for all the redundant and unnecessary network traffic.)

Did the Apple upgrade have a similar failing, maybe a restart from the beginning download that executed at each restart of the upgrade process?  I don't know.

Overall, which upgrade process did I feel was better than the other?  Neither.  They both showed a somewhat arrogant disregard for Internet resources.  Both operating systems hope to embed mobile coding best practices, yet both companies ignored such basic best practices like providing enough download servers across the world and providing better ability to choose a close download server.

Frankly, I'm concerned that any security dependency on a large upgrade will go unmet in a dire situation.  If a predictable event, like a worldwide upgrade, can't be met with reliable systems, a forced security upgrade is unlikely to be fulfilled reliably and efficiently.

I'm normally not so negative on both vendors, but these upgrades seem to predict bigger problems to come.  Mac OS X is still an OS with a small percentage of the market, and the same might be said of Windows 8.  These upgrade events must be seen as a sign of problems to come?


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