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Move over Java, Large-scale Web Sites Prefer LAMP! Or do they?

GigaSpace's Nati Shalom posted a blog entry discussing why large-scale Web sites are not written in Java, but rather are written using the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). My questions are (1) is this true and (2) if so, why not Java?

Nati references a study performed by Pingdom that reports what nine of the world's largest Web sites are running on. In Pingdom's study they found that of the following sites: Flickr, YouTube, PlentyOfFish, Digg, TypePad, LiveJournal, Friendster, MySpace, and Wikipedia, that only Flickr used Java.

Nati does state that more mission-critical web site, like those of financial institutions, do make extensive use of Java, but he also reports that while many companies are using Java, a large number of them are not embracing Java EE. Many are opting to use Spring instead of Java EE.

So my questions to you are: (1) do you think the Pingdom study is an accurate representation of Java on the Web and (2) why would companies opt for using LAMP over Java?


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