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Minutes from the October 2009 Meeting

By  Nov 19, 2009

Topics: Programming, C/C++

The minutes from the Santa Cruz (October 2009) meeting are available here. Even if you're not a language layer at heart, I encourage you to read them.

Among other things, the minutes confirm what I predicted in July: the removal of Concepts wouldn't be a trivial task; rather, it would be a long and painful surgery. According to the minutes, random number generators and allocators still require Concepts removal and there other areas that still need cleanup (not all of them are Concepts-related of course). At the earliest, CD2 will be ready in March 2010. Assuming that CD2 is free from any "loose ends", the FDS is due next, and that practically means that the FDIS will be ready only in 2011 -- if all goes according to plan. The current deadline for the FDIS is August 2011. It takes a few months (more realistically, about a year) to ratify an FDIS so the C++0x standard will only be available in 2012 it seems.

Another thing happened at the meeting. P. J. Plauger stepped down as convener (chair) after one only one year in office, stating he felt that the committee "was not being led in one direction". It's no secret that there have been some disagreements between Plauger and other committee members. The SCARY iterators debate was the peak of the conflict between the two approaches. It appears that Herb Sutter will be elected again as the committee's chair. Sutter served two consecutive three-year terms as the committee's convener in 2002-2008.

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