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Mind Mapping Software

By  Feb 2, 2009

Topics: Certification

What’s up? I owe you a post on mind-mapping software tools, so let’s get right down to it!

By the way, if you have not been following the other posts in this thread on mind mapping, then check out the following link, which presents a fully functional example of a mind map; it will certainly give you the flavor of the tool in short order:

Mind Map Example: Blogging: Service or Self-Hosted?

Now, then: instead of lil’ ol’ me flapping my gums like I usually do in this space, what I’ve opted for instead is to present to you a categorized list of mind-mapping software products arranged by platform. Ready, set, GO:

Server-Based Products/Hosted Solutions

Cross-Platform Open Source

Microsoft Windows

Apple Mac OS X

Apple iPhone/Windows Mobile/Palm OS

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