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Microsoft Second Shot = $125 Savings

I will bet you 20 dollars to a stale jelly donut that I captured your attention with this post headline!

Through June 30, 2008, Microsoft will pay for your second attempt at any IT professional, developer, project manager, or Microsoft Dynamics certification exam if you do not pass the first time through.

The trick to taking advantage of this most generous offer is to ensure that you follow Microsoft's Second Shot registration procedure. Here it is in a nutshell:

1. Register for your exam at the Microsoft Second Shot Web site (free) and receive your Second Shot voucher number. Note that you must request a separate Second Shot voucher number for every qualifying Microsoft exam that you plan to take.

2. Register to take your exam as usual by calling or visiting Prometric. Microsoft exams all cost the same: $125.00 USD per attempt. BE CERTAIN to provide your Second Shot voucher number when you register with Prometric; doing so links your Second Shot voucher number to a particular Microsoft certification exam number.

3. Take your chosen exam. If you fail the test, then you can re-register with Prometric and use the same Second Shot voucher number to reduce the cost of the second attempt to $0.00.

According to Microsoft exam retake policy, you can register for your second attempt at any certification exam anytime after your initial attempt. However, your third and subsequent attempts at the same test require a 14-day waiting period in between.

If you pass a Microsoft certification exam, then you are not allowed to register to take the same exam again (not that you would; I'm just sayin'). The waiting period rules, as I am sure you already understand, are intended to preserve exam security and to uphold the integrity of the exam in particular and Microsoft certification in general.

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