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MI5 vs. Security Researcher

By  Apr 18, 2008

Topics: Security

So, imagine you are on the way to present at a security conference and some 'inspectors' come over to talk with you. They know your name, purpose for being there, what you are speaking on, etc. Then they take your phone,SIM card, and software radio, in what appears to be an effort to prevent you from demonstrating a flaw in GSM that allows anyone to capture and decrypt cell phone conversations.

Well, it happened and this blog tells the story. Note the details...the laptop wasn't taken, or the FPGA the decryption process much quicker.

If this doesn't make for a conspiracy story, well...you should be a bit more paranoid in life. One commenter even noted that while the US couldn't do that to the researcher, they have a great motive to ask the UK to do it...which is legal. Hmm...now why wouldn't the US want someone exposing ways to unscramble GSM communications?

I guess the point is this - if you even think you might be a target for a search and seizure of hardware/software, encrypt your data and have backups hidden in safe locations.

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