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Traenk wonders what happened to all those promises of Linux and Open-Source goodness eclipsing the Evil Empire...

Check your browser for needed updates.  It's that time again; time to remember that all technology needs updates from time to time.

I'm confused.  By my recollection, our world should have ended at least twice; and Linux was supposed to take over the computing world.  Instead, Apple remains a teeny segment, Linux a teensier segment of workstations, and Windows continues to come pre-installed on most workstations.

What happened?  Computers with pre-installed Linux seemed to drop like the leaves in autumn.  Niche and Boutique Linux versions have dropped in number.  And I feel cheated!

After all, hundreds of industry pundits promised me that Laptop prices would drop to a few hundred dollars because LINUX is FREE!

Instead, we all found out that the operating system is generally a low-cost component to many client systems.  Going from $50-100 bucks to FREE may not drop the price much overall, but people buying computers do want to stay with tried and true solutions.

I like Linux.  I really like my MacBook because it gives me a Bash shell.  But I'm not typical of most users.  They think "F1" is a joke about computer problems.  Take that silliness to UNIX, and you need to explain that man pages are for women also.  It's a contraction for 'manual pages'.  True story about some people's hyper-sensitivity.

Linux workstations are sure to come.  They've grown their middles as much as most other 'middle-aged' technologies.  X-windows is a must.  Thousands of running services take the place of manually applied administration.  Install media use the Internet as a dodge for needing a lot of DVD's for a complete install.  It is Windows with a different interface.  Event loops are event loops, and a dialog box is a dialog box.

Do you think Linux workstations have a role in modern IT?  Explain below.  Let me know what distros you favor.