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Just like real life, our digital world is full if life hacks you probably don't know about. Well, in this quick article, we are going to list some excellent Internet tricks which will make your browsing experience much more enjoyable.

CTRL Shift T

1. Opening Closed Tabs

Did you close a tab by accident and don't feel like rummaging through your browsing history to reopen it? No problem. Using CTRL + Shift + T will reopen your last closed tab. Go ahead, try it.

2. Browser Notepad

Notepad Trick

Feel like you need to jot something down but you don't feel like opening MS Word, Text or Notepad? No worries. Go ahead and paste this code into your search bar to turn your browser into a notepad.


Pretty cool.

3. Google.com Error Fix

International Google

Having a hard time accessing the domestic U.S. Google webpage? No problem. Go ahead and utilize any number of international Google sites to rectify. The following are all valid:

  1. www.google.ca
  2. www.google.com.ar
  3. www.google.com.tw
  4. www.google.com.na
  5. www.google.com.mx

A full list of international Google domains can be found here: List of Google Domains.

4. Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search

Have you ever been searching Google images when you feel the need to also conduct a web search on your image searched term? Simple. Instead of changing your Google search field, simply hold down "S" + Right Click and image of choice. Bam, web search.

5. Icognito


Want to browse Icognito? Sure thing. Use the command CTRL + SHIFT + N in Chrome, COMMAND + SHIFT + N in Safari and CTRL/COMMAND + SHIFT + P in Firefox. Icognito accomplished.

6. Tailor Your Search Results

Tailored Search

Looking to better tailor your search results? Looking to target some keywords? Interested in searching via synonymous Google suggestions? No problem. Before entering a search query, use the ~ symbol. The ~ symbol will tailor your search results to what Google considers synonymous search content. Pretty neat trick.

7. Slide Show Reddit


I am a Redditor. I find that everything on the Internet lags by about three days behind posts on Reddit. This said, if you want a larger slide show viewing experience within Reddit, add a "p" to the given URL. Example: www.redditp.com/r/aww. Enjoy the cuteness.

8. Easy Define


Need to look up a word. No need to visit dictionary.com simply visit Google and type in define: before any word. Google will come back with the definition. Sorry dictionary.com.

9. Finding Context

Google Around Search

The AROUND feature within Google is pretty darn cool. Say you are interested in the band Alabama Shakes and want to know about any connection they might have to the city of Chicago. To do this, the AROUND function allows you to search for an item connected to a specific term linked by a specific amount of words. For example, if I enter "Alabama Shakes" AROUND (10) "Chicago" into Google, Google will spit out every mention of Alabama Shakes connected to "Chicago" within ten words of one another. For this to work, both search terms must be in quotes, AROUND must be in caps and the numerical figure must be in parenthesis.

10. Life, The Universe and Everything

Life, The Universe and Everything

Finally, the answer to life, the Universe and everything. With Douglas Adams Towel Day coming up on May 25th, here is a silly little trick thought up by Deep Thought, or was it Adams? Either way, it probably happened at the restaurant at the end of the Universe. If you want to know the answer to it all, conduct a Google search for "answer to life the universe and everything". Didn't know it was that simple huh?

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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