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I've been using GWT for some years now, and I'm still contented with the easier way for web development. After having written a book on GWT development, doing a blog seemed a good idea for answering questions, and for further expanding topics that didn't get a place in the book.

My ESSENTIAL GWT book is oriented to programmers already knowledgeable about GWT, but who wanted to go further on.

I'm currently now working on a GWT+Multimedia article, trying to figure out why Microsoft didn't --and still doesn't-- support HTML5. Getting audio or video to work from within a GWT application is really trivial with Firefox, Safari, and other HTML5 supporting browsers... and a pain with Internet Explorer!

I'm presenting two solutions for Internet Explorer: the old <embed...> HTML extension, and a Flash (SWF) based one. Normally I wouldn't consider the latter kind of solution, but as it needs a really small Flash file, I'm sort of accepting it. However, I'm still leaning towards HTML5 for every other browser; it's just way easier.

I'll keep this blog updated with GWT matters, big and small, and also about any other issues, such as Agile Methodologies, Testing, Open Source Software and Linux, and even non-programming themes as they come!

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