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JBoss World 2008 Next Week in Orlando

By  Feb 7, 2008

Topics: Programming, Java

Join me at JBoss World next week in my home town of Orlando. Along with the JBoss gurus presenting everything you want to know about JBoss, I'll be presenting a talk on Continuous Performance Testing.

JBoss World is upon us again, but instead of being in Las Vegas, this year it is in sunny Orlando. If you're going to be attending I wanted to invite you to come here my presentation on Continuous Performance Testing. In this presentation I will be discussing how to integrate performance testing into a Test-Driven Development and Continuous Integration environment with the goal of identifying performance problems in your applications as you introduce them (when problems are easy to fix and the code is fresh in your mind.)

For more information on Continuous Performance Management, take a look at my white papers:

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