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It's now a true race...

By  Dec 28, 2012

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Pearson's announcement of support for the Nook eReader is very strategic.

I got my Kindle today.  It is reliable and fast.  A nice Android tablet, I marvel at the quality versus the cost.

What about the Nook?  Nice unit, but the Amazon offering just seemed so promising.  But what about the Nook?  Is it time for a second look at the Nook?

I went to my local Wal-Mart to check on accessories.  Wal-Mart dropped support for the Kindle and accessories.  Some have suggested that Wal-Mart is leery of Amazon's increasing sales.  Meanwhile, you can buy both the Nook and dozens of Nook accessories at Wal-Mart.

Look at the top companies in the list of the Fortune 500.  Wal-Mart is in the top ten, a retail standout among the oil companies.  Promoting the Nook is a big boost to that platform.

Additionally, Pearson recently announced greater integration with Barnes & Noble and with the Nook platform.  Pearson is the parent company for premier textbook publishers.  This support will help establish the Nook as a preferred eReader in the educational system. 

In short, the tablet platform wars are only heating up; and as a result, we are getting better tablets at lower prices.  It's a true horse race now.  I suppose in response, I need to buy a Nook, right?  When I do, I'm still purchasing two top tablets for less than a medium quality laptop.  And that is a true concern to those vendors, I'm sure!

Let me know what you think below.


P.S.  When I taught at the local university, I was happy to use Pearson textbooks because they were well written and nicely illustrated.  Pearson is the parent company for this website.  I am not paid to blog on this site, so writing about Pearson's great textbooks is not done for any reward or because I must.  I just think those Deitel books are excellent teaching tools.


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