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It's time to consider the foibles of Laptop Life...

I have a work laptop. I have had one for more than a decade. Each new replacement, no matter what option I choose, winds up weighing something like ninety pounds of power supply, extra battery, and all the other guts and gizmos we continually need.

These are corporate specials, big and thick, looking as if they are designed by very practical, near-sighted, thick-fingered types who won't stray from the sedate hearse-like colors that people associate with business laptops. 

Why carry an extra battery and power supply? No matter which power plan is used, these laptops generate a crazy amount of heat and require dozens of fans to move that heat outside the case.  A few of these cycles and the battery seems to visibly drain in front of your eyes. 

Meanwhile, the racket that those fans make seems more like taking off at a busy airport than coding a "Hello World" app. It's a terrible world we've been in. I can see why people want those quiet tablets, computers whose battery capacity is measured in hours, not minutes.

And that's why I bought myself a 2in1 laptop/tablet Frankenstein. My i7 chip (and so much memory!) makes virtualization easy. No massive, roaring fans and perforated case bottoms--this doesn't generate the heat. And unlike my old, old convertible laptop, the more limited touchscreen gives me a nice price point over a tablet sophisticated enough for computer animation. 

And it's sleek and lightweight and fits in my motorcycle and runs Windows and ...  and ...  and ...

With Windows 8.1, it was a work-Beast, doing anything I needed all the while offering a lot of storage. Just passed the GAWN exam, often by reading and re-reading pdf training files, maneuvering my tablet from landscape to portrait mode. Now? With Windows 10? I notice a lot of tablet early adopters looking longingly at my uber-powerful--yet quiet--tablet-top computer.

Is Windows 10 enough? Yes, I think it is. Today's laptops are taking the best of tablet and laptops worlds, giving us long battery life and binary compatibility with all our spreadsheets. Now that everyone appreciates the true tablet cost, lap-blets like mine are getting favorable reviews. People are tired of making do with older designs. And by dated designs, I must NOW include my MacBook Pro, which has a $500 premium over this Win 10 system I use -- a premium that skips providing the now desired touch interface. My MacBook Pro spends a lot of time by itself, gently weeping.

In my next post, we'll pull together all the missing pieces. For now, whether it's the 2in1 Dell I bought me or the 2in1 Toshiba I bought my wife, it's a better world.


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