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InfoWorld: Google Challenge to Office?

Interesting articles at InfoWorld about the challenge of Google Apps to the enterprise.

My question is how much Microsoft may be hurting itself by releasing new versions that make end users struggle to adapt.  In my opinion, Google Apps simplicity in addition to price may be its big attraction.

Google on Wednesday detailed a new program under which resellers can now offer Google Apps to businesses -- effectively meaning that companies considering the alternative to Microsoft Office don't have to go it alone. But the search giant has yet to prove its strength in supporting a partner ecosystem that could bring enterprises much needed assurances.


From Last Dec:

While Google is often cited as having a golden touch, the company's productivity application suite is still a mere bronze competitor to Microsoft's Office and collaboration tools despite upgrades over the past year that focused on evolving and securing the online tools for corporate users.

Google Apps Premier Edition (GAPE), the vendor's $50 per user productivity suite targeted at businesses, has proven worthy in certain situations, most involving universities or small and midsize businesses (SMB) looking to cut costs.


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