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Tablet, schmablet.  It's time to have a real computer available...

I _like_ tablets.  I've owned and still own several.  I've found a nice, big one for Facebook.  Why am I dissatisfied?  

You get your tablet, and life is GREAT!  Then the obstacles crop up.  Tapping keyboard 'keys' for more than a tiny response is painful.  So yes!  Let's get a keyboard!  One hundred or so bucks later, you've now got a computer that makes input easier.  Total cost of acquisition is now how much???

Love your iPad???  Want to upload phone pics to Facebook?  What's the plan, Stan?  Put 'em on cloud storage for viewing by unknown others?  Email them and then download to iPad storage?  Whatever you do, forget using a USB port to transfer to the iPad.  Don't have one.  Maybe there's another hundred dollar peripheral for that?

And what is it about tablet games?  Sure, there are some that are approaching good graphics and wild backgrounds; but honestly, how many sessions of breakout- or jewel-like games can you play?  Found a cool redo of river raid, and those tablet block sprite graphics are so 1981! 

I don't mean to be mean; I just want to point out that tablet novelty is wearing off for many like me.  Even $200 for a nifty, thrifty Android tablet needs reconsideration as I see Netbooks, WITH KEYBOARDS AND USB INTERFACES AND HUNDREDS OF GIGABYTE STORAGE DRIVES, sell for around $200.  I see that price point and the monster 10 or 11 inch screen, and I wonder aloud, "Is a tablet the best investment for my IT dollar?"

Netbook....  So very !visible!, so willing to host Open Office or Microsoft Office...  So lightweight.  So convenient as I open it and work, with no delay pulling Bluetooth keyboards out from pockets and synching keyboard to the tablet.  Did I really pay how much for a tablet whose sluggish performance makes a Netbook look speedy???

Oh, and about that touchscreen interface, the smeared up mess that makes the screen look as if it was streaked with rotting slugs (no matter how clean I keep my fingers), how advanced is it that I'm forced to search through dozens of icons to start applications that I use every day? 

I'm not saying don't get a tablet.  I am suggesting that most of you with a need for a machine to run your Office documents, like your home financial spreadsheets, your advanced games, your niche productivity and investment apps...  You may find your tablet is very limited, more akin to a PalmPilot with a bigger face.  You may struggle with the peripheral costs, just to find out that storage like RAM is maxed out and not expandable.  You got what you paid for, and that's all it can give you.  


P.S. Compare top-end iPad costs to a MacBook Air at a year-end sale.  Don't limit your productivity by limiting your computer options.

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