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If You Are New to Mac/Objective-C Programming...

We recently sat down with several top Objective-C and Cocoa developers to talk about that state of the iPhone and OS X markets as we approach this year's WWDC.  As we were wrapping up, we threw one last question at them out of curiosity, and we thought you'd like to see what some of them said.

The Question:

"If you could recommend one resource for people new to Mac/Objective-C programming, what would it be?"

Steve Kochan: That's easy, I would recommend my book, Programming in Objective-C, 2nd Edition and the forum that is devoted to it (which is down for maintenance right now).   Lots of new programmers participate in the forum, and I'm actively involved there to answer questions and help the readers with their problems.

Erica Sadun: I think the 2nd edition of the iPhone Developer's Cookbook will be ideal.

Editor's Note: In the meantime, the first edition is no slouch...

Marcus Zarra: There are a few solid Cocoa/iPhone resources out there:


All three of those are great resources for finding answers to obscure questions.  I would also highly recommend http://www.stackoverflow.com for questions.

David Chisnall: I think the answer to this is the same as for any platform; the best way to learn is to read other peoples' code.  Find frameworks that people are using a lot and see how they are implemented.  Compare the line count of various projects to how much they accomplish, and read the ones that do the most in the least code.  When you find projects which do a lot in a small amount of code and remain easy to understand, copy their coding style.

Here's a list of all of the WWDC interviews we did with those developers and a few more:

Steve Kochan

Erica Sadun

Marcus Zarra and Matt Long

David Chisnall

Erik Buck

Lee Barney

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