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Hushmail Rolls Over for Feds

By  Nov 8, 2007


Wired has a nice report on the (in)famous Hushmail encrypted email service provider that illustrates why you should never trust any third party company to keep you secure. Click through for link.

Hushmail is one of those services that is used by both good guys who want an end-to-end encrypted email solution, and by bad guys to hide who they really are. The key selling point of the software is that it is supposed to be secure to the point where not even Hushmail employees can view the contents.

Unfortunately, this only applies to the Java applet version - not to the easier to use web based version. Of course, this assumes the Java applet version doesn't contain a bug or backdoor...

If you are a Hushmail user, follow the link below for more details on this story.


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