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Are you using a Jawbone UP or the Fitbit?  Useful?  Traenk weighs in on his experiences.

My Jawbone Up is becoming a valued part of my life.  Although I haven't completed the four minute mile or shed fat effortlessly, (without breaking a sweat as some health infomercials promise); I feel better.

My activity level, as measured in something as simple as footsteps, is much better than when I started.  I'm more active and less winded. I'm also less likely to ruin that hard work by eating a lot of fat food.

Life is good, and if you have activity issues as a fellow IT worker, I recommend getting one of these tools as an experiment in hacking your own meat self.  Abilities like those in the movie, Transcendent, are likely to take a while.  Until then, we need to maintain ourselves as well as we might maintain a personal computer.


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