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How can you get Digg'd to the top? Buy votes!

By  Jan 4, 2008


rsnake recently posted a story about Subvert and Profit, a website that links people who want their article to come to the top of Digg, YouTube, or StumbleUpon with others who are willing to sell their votes. Sound fishy? Well, it isn't and it probably isn't illegal either. Read on for details on how to sell your soul..err..vote!

We noticed this on ha.ckers.org and had to pass on the information because it really demonstrates why internet based votes are worthless.

The details:
For $1.00 per vote, you can basically buy your way to the top of the Digg list.
For each post you Digg through the middle man, you get paid $.50.
The difference goes to Subvert and Profit, the website who is organizing the whole deal.
If you get your friends to sign up, you get a %20 kickback for all the votes they provide.

Is this legal? Probably, though IANL. It is ethical? Well, no I would say not...but is it any different than getting all your friends to Digg something you want them to?

Unfortunately, this type of service will become more popular and may end up breaking sites like Slashdot and Digg who rely upon votes from the user community to guide their content.

In addition, it gives a lot of power to sites that control the vote because they have cheap access to a lot of potential votes.

You gotta love the internet!!!

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