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Heading out to NSConference

Today I head down to Atlanta for NSConference, a four-day conference (including pre- and post-conference workshops) for Mac and iPhone developers.

Conference season is upon us, and the first one on my list for 2010 is NSConference in Atlanta. NSConference is run by Steve "Scotty" Scott (who runs The Mac Developer Network) and Tim Isted (who is currently writing Core Data for iPhone for me and Addison-Wesley). Tim's book is currently available in Rough Cuts on Safari, and should be available in-print this summer.

NSConference is unique in that there is a one-day pre-conference workshop on iPhone development, followed by two days of Mac developer talks, and then a one-day post-conference workshop by Matt Gemmell. I've never heard Matt speak before, but I'm a big fan of his blog and Twitter posts, so I'm looking forward to that.

I'm also looking forward to catching up with some of my authors who will be there, including Marcus Zarra and Matt Long, authors of Addison-Wesley's Core Animation book, Tim Isted, and Aaron Hillegass, author of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X and founder of the Big Nerd Ranch training camp for Mac developers.

It's sure to be a busy week. Be on the lookout for pics and posts about the sessions.

Okay, it's time to pack, shower, and head off to Logan...

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