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Hacking as a Service (HaaS)

Remember stories of teens munching Doritos while making off with all your data?  Those days of innocence are long gone.

Like all security pro's, I subscribe to a security magazine, SC Magazine.  Today's newsletter brought me to Finjan's site, to review some articles on the growing use of hacking tactics by organized crime.

If you're a security pro facing a very, very skeptical group of managers who think they'll face lightning before a hack to their systems, the Finjan site has fascinating articles.  $200 will get you a malware kit, complete with an easy-to-use GUI interface.  Set up your trojans as you want them, easily, and then cast a net to catch your phish.

If you're doing a risk survey, as I am, trying to find the current risks and trends, the Finjan site is a great place to go.  The article on dynamic obsfucation for code is especially good.