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Green imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

By  Sep 15, 2007

Topics: Programming, C/C++

In June I dedicated a column to the nascent technology of green computing, which includes green hardware design and the revolutionary concept of green programming. Lo and behold, a couple of weeks ago, Andrew Binstock wrote a column on SD Times titled "Greener Pastures for Development".

Binstock doesn't use the phrase green programming but means exactly that: "[a]n interesting aspect of this emerging consciousness of wasting energy is that it will have a discernible effect on programming. Developers will no longer be able to poll whenever they want, but instead will have to decide what is the minimum level of activity they can manage." In simpler words, stop using inefficient  programming idioms (and languages) under the assumption that Moore's law will make up for faulty software. Today, efficiency isn't just a matter of speed and memory footprint. Energy consumption should also be considered. QED.

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