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Google On Air Live Hangout with the Father of C++ Bjarne Stroustrup

On August 20th, the father of C++, Bjarne Stroustrup led a Google On-Air Live Hangout event in which he talked about everything C++. The event was sponsored by InformIT, Pearson Education and the Google + C Plus Plus Community. 

In this wide-ranging hangout, Bjarne speaks to the following topics:

  1. The largest issues facing the C++ community today
  2. Examples of excellent snippets of C++ Code
  3. Examples of not so great snippets of C++ Code
  4. The impact of C++ 14 on the programming community
  5. The reasons why C++ is named, C++
  6. The current implementation of Rust
  7. The current impact of Swift on Objective C
  8. The next edition of C Plus Plus, versions 17
  9. Implementations of standard libraries
  10. Varying sizes of coding vectors
  11. Modern uses of lamba functions
  12. Building universal hierarchies
  13. The correct way to utilize C++ 14 compiler’s
  14. C Plus Plus 14 classes and strings

In addition, Bjarne answers community questions for more than an hour and he dives into live on screen examples of C++ code to highlight how C++ 14 has simplified older complex tasks and how it has transformed a programming language many considered routed in the 1980’s to a coding platform more essential than ever.

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