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Get Your Hack On - The Value of Cyber Excercises

I recently joined up with White Wolf Security, a company dedicated to security training and cyber exercises. To facilitate this, they have created a collection of systems that include everything you would expect to find out in the real world - including SCADA. Anyone who connects into the exercise network has an instant playground in which someone can either play attacker or defender, or just perform research in a safe environment.While White Wolf's setup is very mature, it really doesn't take much to setup your own small cyber exercise environment in which you can safely learn and play. Thanks to freely available VMWare tools and demos, it really only takes a few hours to setup your own miniature network.

White Wolf will be at SANS where Paul and Larry from Pauldotcom.com will be playing attacker/defender with the help of attendees.

In addition, they will also be down near the NSA on Wed. (Sept 10th - 10am-2pm) - I know, short notice! However, if you are interested in coming, send me an email!

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