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Geronimo 2.1 is released

By  Feb 21, 2008

Topics: Programming, Java

This release represents the latest open source Java Enterprise Edition 5.0 application server from the Apache Geronimo project, and continues the evolution of the Apache Geronimo server by adding new features and capabilities to a fully compliant and certified Java Enterprise Edition 5.0 container suitable for everything from a development environment to enterprise-level deployments.

Earlier this week, the Apache Geronimo team announced the release of Geronimo 2.1. Geronimo is a fully certified Java EE 5 application server, in the same category as IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, and JBoss. And like JBoss it is an open source project, but with an Apache license, which so many companies prefer to the GNU licenses. Furthermore, IBM releases a community edition of WebSphere, which is in fact a version of Geronimo. 

I haven't spent much time using Geronimo - do any of you? Does anyone have any good reviews they would like to share with us?


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