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Followup: The Web 2.0 Guy I Ain't

By  Oct 16, 2009

Topics: Programming, C/C++

Almost a year ago, I posted here The Web 2.0 Guy I Ain't. People wonder whether I still resist all those Web 2.0 features and technologies at the end of 2009.

Not very surprisingly, the answer is a definite "yes". I still don't use any file sharing sites, I never skype, tweet or message anyone. In short, nothing has changed in the way I use the Internet, but interestingly, notice how fast some of those technologies welt and vanish. Does Second Life still exist? Do people still buy and sell virtual properties on eBay? I have no idea. Similarly, what became of Myspace? No one seems to bother much about it anymore. And yes, I still refuse to Google myself. 

What else isn't new?

i. I don't have an iPod. I do have a personal MP3 player of course but iPod it ain't. 

ii. I don't have iPhone, or any other 3.5 generation mobile. I bet it's hip and cool but not for me.

iii. I don't have an electronic book reader. Rest assured, it's going to stay like that for many years. I still believe in ink on paper, and that includes newspapers, not just books.