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Follow Me: The OnCertification Twitter Feed

By  Feb 20, 2009

Topics: Certification

What’s going on? I realize that I’ve been yammering about social networking in general and Twitter in particular quite a bit lately here in the Certification Reference Guide. However, this is an important topic for the IT certification candidate. Moreover, today I want you to be aware of my own Twitter feed and the information that I have to offer you through that channel.

For those of you who tend to arrive late to the proverbial party and are unfamiliar with Twitter, please get yourselves edumacated forthwith and we shall continue:

The bottom line is this: I have begun a Twitter feed that is intended to accomplish the following goals:

  • to put me in more meaningful and direct contact with you
  • to share IT certification tips, tricks, and insights with you
  • to share tech news with you
  • to share IT job postings with you
  • to learn from you
  • to make some new friends and/or professional contacts

Please bookmark the following address, if you would:

Twitter: OnCertification

Let me break down the specific types of content you can expect to see in the OnCert Twitter feed:

The Certification-Related Musings of Timmy Warner

I promise not to bore you with my philosophy concerning American Idol or how far I got playing Fallout 3 last night; I have my personal Twitter account for that sort of stuff.

Instead, you will receive 12 years worth of experience, strength, and hope from someone who has, for the past 12 years:

Through the years I have amassed a huge stockpile of useful tips and tricks that I am sure will help you on your way in attaining your certification goals, regardless of your present experience level.

The good news is that I am not one of those “information hoarders.” Because I am a teacher, knowledge transfer runs in my blood, as it were.

Latest and Greatest Tech News

Each day I comb through my Twitter “following” list to ensure that I am following only the best, most current, and most active technology news sources. I am constantly on the lookout for more as well. One of my goals in maintaining the OnCertification Twitter feed is to serve as a hot tech news aggregator in the spirit of an RSS newsfeed.

Believe me—I hate spam and marketing technobabble as much as the next guy or gal. If I see any of that garbage in a Twitter stream, it is GONE from my Twitter subscription list.

Job Postings/Job Search Advice

A third category of tweets you will find in my Tweet stream are job-related items that I find from all over the United States. Especially in today’s economy, I think that you will find these sources to be timely, relevant, and (it is hoped) useful.

See you on Twitter!

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