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Flex|360 Seattle: Day One

A day late, but not a dollar short....here's my report from Day One of the Flex|360 conference in Seattle...

So, I'm out here in Seattle for the Flex|360 Conference, and I'm happy to
report that the conference has been buzzing, and the sessions are packed
with people dying to learn more about building Rich Internet Applications
with Adobe Flex.

While the current state of Flex is 2.0, Flex 3.0 is available in public beta
at the moment. According to Ted Patrick, Adobe's Flex Evangelist, Flex 3.0
will release in early 2008 along with AIR 1.0. (For those still playing catchup
with the acronym game, AIR stands for Adobe Integrated Runtime, and is what
was formerly known as Apollo.)

Some of the big Flex applications Ted made note of during his keynote were:

  • Buzzword: Currently in beta (what isn't these days), Buzzword is a full-featured word processor.
  • SlideRocket: Need to create a presentation? SlideRocket lets you build your presentation over the web, and also lets you give the presentation over the web.
  • Picnik: Picnik is a free online image editor. Basically, you upload your image to Picnik where you can resize, crop, apply a filter, and then save your image either to your local filesystem or upload the image to Flickr.

The sessions I attended yesterday ranged in scope and depth, and only one
session was a disappointment, but I won't talk about that one here. (People
who were in that session know which one it was, sadly.) But one bad egg does
not make a dozen (or something like that).

The standout sessions yesterday was a session on integrating Flash Video
with your Flex application, and one titled as "Getting Beyond Point and
Grunt!", which dealt with creating a better user experience in your Flex
app by offering alternative gestures and command-line-driven interfaces.
Both were stellar.

But the best part of the Flex|360 conference so far has been talking with
people about what they're doing with Flex and what sort of problems they're
running into. There's a fair mixture of Flex experts and noobs like me, so
this is a great place to learn more about what you can do with Flex and get
advice for projects you're working on.


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