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Much to the opposite of everything you told your mom for years, you don’t know everything. Knowledge is power. As a programmer, as a developer, as a new coding student or a seen it all hacker, you can always beef up your dev skills. For that reason, here at the top five reasons why you should advance your programming skills with the InformIT 50% Off Developer Video Training event. 

1. The Only True Wisdom Is In Knowing You Know Nothing

You know something yet as Socrates opined, never make the mistake of thinking you know everything there is. There is always someone out there who knows more than you, who has greater skills or has a greater drive to learn. Becoming complacent in any facet of life is what kills.

There is an old runners saying, “you don’t stop running because you get old, you get old because you stop running.” Never stop running and never stop learning. You never know what's chasing you. Do your best to always have the skills needed to keep running. 

Keep running by checking out Java Fundamentals Video Tutorials by Paul Deitel.

2. What Have You Done for Me Lately

Eddie Murphy is a genius. For anyone who has ever seen Eddie Murphy “Raw”, you know the brilliant “what have you don’t for me lately” skit. Here is a secret: your office, your job, your boss and your career operate in the same fashion. Outside and inside the walls of your office are 50 people who would happily work harder than you to learn the skills needed to take your job.

Three years ago I took a job working for a Cloud hosting firm. As part of my job, I had to develop, format and create web pages on a WordPress platform. When I started, I didn’t know what padding meant. I didn’t know what a <blockquote> or <p> tag meant. Truth be told, I didn’t know HTML5 from Java, Ruby from C++ and JavaScript from C#.

But I learned. I learned because, like many of you out there, I had to. It wasn’t a choice. Your career operates on a “what have you done for me latelybasis. Always be learning or risk someone else taking your job.

To help you keep your gig, learn new developer skills from InformIT video training titles. All InformIT developer video training titles are 50% off!

3. The World Rotates, Information is Dynamic, Languages Evolve

I am engaged to a wonderful woman. Her younger sister just graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in Computer Science. She knows some C++, she knows some HTML5, she knows some Xcode and she knows some info on how to build DevOps in the Cloud. But what about Swift or the D Programming Language?

Not a thing.

The simple truth of being a developer are the languages you use to code amazing apps, websites and programs are, like English, French, Spanish etc. constantly evolving, changing and reinventing themselves. The world rotates, information is dynamic and programming languages evolve. If you stand still for a single day letting your education lapse, the world will rotate under your feet leaving you 850 miles behind to the East.

Never stand still. Keep learning. With 50% off developer video titles, you have no excuse not to keep learning with InformIT.

4. Pay the Cost to be The Boss

Let’s be real for a moment. James Brown knew there was something to being the hardest working man in show business. For you, the fresh out of college or few year in programmer, you are looking at an average salary of $78,260.

Pretty nice change.

James Brown also knew that the American Dream was to bust your butt, learn everything you can, put it to good work and move up the line. The average salary of an IT Manager – a programmer who has worked his/her way up the chain of command by continually learning and out performing his/her peers - is $129,130.

Even better change.

So, pay the cost. Learn everything you can. Put it to good work. Be the Boss.

5. For the Love of the Game

Whether you love or hate the New York Yankees, one thing is certain: you have to respect Derek Jeter. Constantly hustling, constantly pushing, constantly learning and constantly adapting, The Captain is the consummate professional. During the 2014 MLB all-star game, DJ gave an interview in which he said, “I’m getting paid to play a kids game we all love. We play because we love it, not because they pay us to.”

DJ plays for the love of the game. You code for the love of programming.

You should continue learning new developer skills because you love creating cool apps, websites and software. You love the process of learning a new bit of Java, C#, Xcode and HTML5 to see what you can turn it into.

So, what are you waiting for? The reasons to continue your programmers education are clearly stated staring you in the face. Here at InformIT, we support that learning. So much so, that we are providing those developer video training tools at 50% off from 7/17/2014 – 7/23/2014.

Get on it while the getting is good.

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