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First to Market: CompTIA Network+ Exam Cram

By  Mar 27, 2009

Topics: Certification, CompTIA

Hey everybody. From a publisher’s perspective, having the only book on the market for a certain technology or IT certification exam is pretty darned exciting. I am grateful to report that such is the case with respect to the CompTIA Network+ exam N10-004.

May I please introduce you to Mike Harwood’s new Exam Cram title (drum roll, please):

CompTIA Network+ Exam Cram, 3rd Edition

Note well: as of this writing on March 27, 2009, Harwood’s text is the only book on the market that covers the 2009 Network+ objectives (Exam N10-004).

So…you have the Exam Cram title for your “soup to nuts” Network+ exam preparation needs. We also wanted you to know of another Pearson Certification product that is *beaming with pride* first to market in this particular space. This product is the Cert Flash Cards Online offering for Exam N10-004:

CompTIA Network+ N10-004 Cert Flash Cards Online

If you have not used our Cert Flash Cards Online engine yet, then you are truly missing something special. Take a super low price point (25 bucks), and combine it with a slim, elegant, late-stage exam-prep mechanism (flash cards—what could be simpler?), and you have a recipe for exam success.

Heck—perhaps I DO have a career in marketing. I always considered myself nothing more than an IT geek, an author, and a tech trainer.

For my part, I’ve held the Network+ since early 2000, but I’m gonna field-test these products by recertifying on N10-004 next week. I’ll put up another post once I’ve passed the test to let y’all know how well the Harwood book and the flash cards stack up as test-prep vehicles.

Take care!

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