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Everything's ready and working, so let's write

By  Aug 3, 2010

Topics: Web Development

All the audio code is ready, refactored, commented, and working, so it's writing time!

I'm starting out with the actual writing, which usually isn't that hard when all the code is ready.

I usually write as if I were talking to a group of students, trying to work out in advance their questions, so the text will be as clear as possible. I try using active voice (no passive!) and a "chatty", spoken-like style.

When I wrote my book, and it was being edited for style (and grammar, and usage, and spelling, and ...) at first the editor started to systematically remove all my "We'll see this..." and "We already saw a bit of this in..." making them drier ("This will be seen..." or "This was seen...") but after a while --and recognizing there were lots of changes to do!-- we managed to reach an agreement, and my style was kept.

I'd recommend anybody thinking about getting to write, to try and develop a personal style. It's highly likely that at the beginning you'll be (subconsciously or consciously) mimicking a favorite author's style, but after a while you'll get freer.

(Oh, and if you wonder about my favorite authors to imitate, Isaac Asimov and Donald Knuth come to mind -- not that I have managed to get even a bit close to their quality, but they are good models to follow!)

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