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"Every OSX developer should have this book on their desk."

That was the sentence Mike Riley ended his recent Dr Dobb's CodeTalk review of Cocoa Programming Developer's Handbook with.

You may have noticed that InformIT has featured a lot of author David Chisnall's work recently. His new book was released at the end of December, and in January he posted a tip of the day for Cocoa developers each weekday here on the InformIT blog, punctuated by full Cocoa development articles on InformIT each Friday of the month.  Why?  Because we think his latest book, Cocoa Programming Developer's Handbook, is that good. 

We love it when other people share our opinion.  In this case, as mentioned above, it is Mike Riley, writing a review of David's book for Dr Dobb's CodeTalk.  We encourage you to read the full review, but in the meantime here are some choice excerpts:

...readers seeking a broad knowledge of the numerous Cocoa libraries in action will be highly satisfied.  Author David Chisnall does a superb job of explaining and demonstrating the most common and interesting Cocoa function calls and constructs that are being used in a number of commercial OSX applications today.

Mike's review ends with this gem of a closer:

Overall, anyone committing themselves to developing for the Apple platform and already comfortable with Objective-C will find David Chisnall's book an excellent reference for all things Cocoa.  The author's breadth and depth of knowledge are astounding, and the fact that he shares this education so thoroughly and effectively are testaments to his developer and communicator abilities.  Every OSX developer should have this book on their desk.

Personally, I'm also looking forward to David's Cocoa programming video LiveLesson coming soon.  In the meantime be sure to check out Cocoa Programming Developer's Handbook.

Cocoa Programming  Developer's Handbook

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