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Designing Dashboards

By  Jul 14, 2010

Topics: SQL Server, Data

Not all data professionals get into the "front end" of the applications that hit their data. But most of us end up having to do a "dashboard" of information, even if it's a dashboard of our system information and performance tracking.

I do this quite often for myself and for other folks, and I wanted to share a resource I use for that. It's from a site called "Quince", and I really like the way they break down all kinds of User-Interface (UI) information. Well worth your time to take a look, and share with your dev friends: http://quince.infragistics.com/#/Main/ViewPattern$pattern=Dashboard/PatternExamples$guid=0cdc0314-2ab3-4981-bbef-0b7a038adab2 

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