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Databases - The enterprise Junk-Drawer

By  Jan 28, 2008

Topics: Data

Everybody has a "junk drawer" in their house. A place where everything ends up, from warranty papers to broken flashlights. For some reason, they just never seem to get cleaned up. Why is that?

I think it's because the things in the drawer just aren't that important.

There seems to be a parallel in the business world. I've found that the more "unimportant" a database happens to be, the more "junk" it contains. But there is a downside. You're carrying all that data along, maintaining it, and backing it up. It's even a security vector.

So the next rainy day you have, take a few moments and do a quick database audit. Ask yourself why you're storing something, and if the data is important or not. Otherwise, back it up to tape or DVD and put that thing out of its misery.

Oh, and you might want to throw out that broken flashlight before the batteries leak!

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