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Computer Service is Car Service Part 1

Remember the good ol' days when fixing a car's electrical system meant changing a fuse?

A long time ago, I was riding my 1975, black Yamaha 650.  Rolling around a corner at a hot speed, I hit a bump.  All of a sudden, I had no lights.  No headlight.  No brakelight.  It was a black night, and this was late at night.  What to do???

I pulled over and checked my fuses, correction!  I checked my one single fuse.  One new fuse later, I was off again, safely rolling home.  A mile from home, the same thing occurred.  One bump, and I was the dark rider. 

Rocket forward decades.  Driving to vacation.  After gassing up, all kinds of warning lights begin a blink-fest!  These are modern electronics, not just electrics.  These are sensors and computers and busses and and lions and tigers and...  Computers?  And that's when it hit me:  this car wasn't fixable at Bubba Bob's Car repair.  Oh no, it was up to me.

What was really broken on the car?  Could I keep driving?  Would I cause irreparable damage?  

It was dark and getting darker.  I was in for it now!  Would I have as happy an ending as my ride on the Yamaha?