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CISSP Questions of the Week

These CISSP Questions of the Week questions and answers were developed by Shon Harris and the Logical Security development team. We hope you find this to be a helpful resource. Simply select the "Click Here" under each question to find the answer.

1.  Which of the following is the fourth step in a business impact analysis?

    A. Identify the company's critical business functions.
    B. Calculate how long these functions can survive without these resources.
    C. Identify the resources these functions depend upon.
    D. Calculate the risk for each different business function.

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2. ___________ have an overall bearing on the personal information of individuals and affect the policies that govern many different areas of information. __________________ are designed to regulate specific types of information.

   A. Specific privacy laws, general privacy laws
   B. General privacy laws, specific privacy laws
   C. Generic privacy laws, specific privacy laws
   D. General privacy laws, exact privacy laws

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3. Bob is a new security administrator at a financial institution. The organization has experienced some suspicious activity on one of the critical servers that contain customer data. When reviewing how the systems are administered, he uncovers some concerning issues pertaining to remote administration. Which of the following should not be put into place to reduce these concerns?

   i.   Commands and data should not take place in cleartext
   ii.  SSH should be used, not Telnet.
   iii. Truly critical systems should be administered locally instead of remotely.
   iv.  Only a small number of administrators should be able to carry out remote functionality.
   v.   Strong authentication should be in place for any administration activities.

       A. All of them
       B. None of them
       C. ii, iii
       D. iv, v

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