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Books for iPhone Developers

Now that Apple has lifted the NDA on the iPhone SDK, let's talk about books and what Addison-Wesley and Pearson have to offer for Mac developers.

Last Wednesday, Apple announced that it was lifting the NDA on the iPhone SDK. I know this is old news by now, but the upshot of this is that Mac developers can now talk amongst themselves about developing for the iPhone without fearing the wrath of Apple legal.

For us, that means we can finally announce the release for publication of Erica Sadun's book, The iPhone Developer's Cookbook. Erica started writing this book for Addison-Wesley earlier this year when she was digging through the hacked frameworks of a jailbroken iPhone OS. She quickly shifted gears when the iPhone SDK came out, and we were hoping to release the book earlier, but the NDA kept us from sending the book to press. With last week's announcement, I'm happy to report that The iPhone Developer's Cookbook will soon be available in print.

Actually, the book will be up on Safari next Monday, October 13, and should be available in print sometime after Wednesday, October 15. If you want, you can preorder Erica's book from the link above, which takes you to the InformIT bookstore, or you can order it from one of these online bookstores:

Other books you might consider picking up, too, while you're at it, include:

It's worth noting that Programming in Objective-C is currently being revised to cover Objective-C 2.0, and is available for preorder and early access via Rough Cuts. We also have a bunch more books coming for Mac developers, including Cocoa Design Patterns, by Erik M. Buck and Donald Yacktman, which is also currently available in Rough Cuts.

If you're a Mac developer and you want to pitch a book or volunteer to review one of the books we have in the works, feel free to email me.

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