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Microsoft split TechEd into two parts this year: one week for developers, one for "IT Professionals" (database, server, business intelligence, CRM, Office -- basically almost everyone who isn't strictly a developer, I guess).  Because of my editorial slant, I'm attending the IT Pro week right now.

Not a ton to report for the first day.  My hotel is rather large, along the scale of some of the Vegas monsters, and my room is about as far from the TechEd shuttle pickup location as it could be.  Show of hands: how many of you care about my room?  One?  Thanks, Mom, but I guess I need to move to another topic...

What jumps out at me first this year?  Virtualization.  Surprisingly MS doesn't have a ton of space devoted to it on the floor, but there is a lot of buzz about it, and I hope to catch a few sessions.  I heard something about MS and Citrix doing something, and I hope to find out if there's anything to that.

A few things that jump out at me precisely because they haven't jumped out at me yet?  Windows 7 and the next version of Office.  I guess I shouldn't be too surprised; this event is more about getting things done today and less about looking to future versions to some extent (SQL Server 2008 anyone?), but maybe I'll find some info about these as I get around a bit more.

Look for me on the InformIT Twitter in addition to here in the blogs.  I'll put up a tweet if anything grabs me and I don't want to wait for the laptop to fire up.

Also, please feel free to reply to this post and let me know what kind of topics you're interested in.  I'm happy to use some of my spare time to help people out, and I'll blog my findings for everyone.  And if you're at TechEd, let me know that, too.  SQL Server Reference Guide host Buck Woody is here all week, and Java host Steve Haines will be here tomorrow, and I'd love to meet some of our readers.  Stop by the Addison-Wesley booth and the nice marketing people there might know how to find me.

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