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Bjarne Stroustrups's Stevens Talk

By  Dec 7, 2009

Topics: Programming, C/C++

On 2nd December Bjarne Stroustrup delivered a talk about the standardization process of C++0x at the Stevens institute. Here some of the key points from his talk.

Stroustrup opened with an overview of the history of programming and then focused on the standardization process. A report about the talk can be found here. Stroustrup's biggest issue with the C++0x standardization process is that "end-users and novices are typically either under-represented or completely unrepresented at these meetings" -- an observation with which I fully agree, although several other committee members with whom I've spoken tend to downplay it or completely dismiss this claim. Take for example the issue of automatic Garbage Collection (GC). I'm not a great fonder of GC but I came to terms with the fact that many C++ programmers and projects need it. GC should have been added to C++ after C++98. We've had C++03 and now C++0x, and still, a standardized GC isn't seen on the horizon. C++0x will only have a lip-service commitment to GC called "an ABI for GC" which will enable users to plug-in a third party GC to their code, but that's what they've already been doing for years, with varying degrees of difficulties. 

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