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I noticed an article that outlined the BSA's bad boy list and had to take a look. As an anti-fan of the BSA, I might have had a bit of a biased opinion going into the article...which didn't do anything to change my opinion. Why? Well, when something like 8 of the 10 companies were fined for using Adobe and 9 of the 10 were fined for using MS, one has to wonder who is behind the BSA?

For the article click here, but I can spare you the time and just tell you that if you do not use Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft, Symantec or McAfee then you will probably never end up on the BSA's hit list.

I for one am going to use this bad boy list as another reason to justify FOSS software for any company I work with. Who needs the $100,000+ fine or the possibility of dealing with the BSA when there are alternatives?

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