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Apple Gives Us More than Just an iPhone SDK

While many were disappointed that Apple only released the SDK in beta form, I was surprised (and excited) to see one other big iPhone announcement: Exchange Server support.

I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my BlackBerry just yet.  It's still the king in terms of getting things done, and RIM's design multimedia enhancements have been mostly positive.  But I still drool over my friends' iPhones and wonder if I'll ever carry one around myself. And the new iPhone SDK and the App Store will allow lots of cool third party applications to spring up.

Maybe someday soon I will say goodbye to RIM. Apple announced that they will support push email as well as contact and calendar synchronization through Exchange, and that just about puts the iPhone at the top of my mobile phone wishlist.  My BlackBerry has become invaluable to me; I simply can't imagine not having my entire contact list and calendar with me, let alone email from my work and personal accounts.  Adding that functionality to the killer web browsing, picture viewing, and MP3 playing on the iPhone would be almost the best device ever.

Why almost? The main reason is the keyboard. I'm pretty good at working my BlackBerry, but a lot of that is by the feel of the buttons.  I haven't spent much time with the iPhone keyboard, but it can't be as fast.  I'm sure I could get good at it, but how good?

Oh, and it will support WPA and Cisco IP-based VPNs, too.  You mean I could access my company's servers through Safari over a secure wi-fi channel?  With that I could literally do much of my work from anywhere.  Again we come up against the typing problem, but with features like this, I just might have to get used to it.  BlackBerry -- and Google's Android -- have a steep hill ahead of them.

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