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Anarchist Cookbook = Jail Time

By  Oct 8, 2007


This story is making its rounds, so sorry if you have already seen it. However, if you haven't then check out the BBC's report on how a UK teen is facing jail time for owning the infamous Anarchist Cookbook. Wow...just wow. This has me a bit concerned for several reasons. Read on for my thoughts...

Now, I don't necessarily condone the content of the book. It is full of material that, if performed, would be illegal. However, the Anarchist Cookbook represents the epitome of what the freedom of speech means...at least to me. If a government decides that the content of this book is 'terroristic' in nature, then what is next?

As a security researcher, the concept of full-disclosure is one I think about regularly. But this puts a new spin on it. Disclosing a vulnerability is not far removed from the idea behind publishing details on how to grow pot or create high-explosives. The responsibility of any misuse of the information falls to the person who takes the information and acts maliciously, not the person publishing the content.

Just something for all of us to think about...

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