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Security Professional / CTO / Musician

If you were to take a poll, we would bet that the most popular hobby for security professionals would be related to martial arts. So, when we noticed Gary McGraw's expertise in the area of music, it caught our attention. Read on for links and details...

Gary McGraw is a noted security professional whose material we have written about and commented on numerous times. In fact, we just interviewed him about his latest book, Exploiting Online Games.

It was during this interview that I noticed his interest in music, and when he sent me a link to his latest release (Live in Berryville) I had to check it out - and you should too.

If you do, then be prepared for a pleasant surprise because Gary has talents that extend much further than his technical know how. As it turns out, Gary is a professional violinist who has been playing since age 3. Having no musical talent myself, I take note of any geek who can play the simplest of riffs on a guitar - needless to say, Gary's playing left quite an impression!

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