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How much actual technical progress are we making in today's mobile technology?

I have a mobile device in each hand.  One is my new mobile phone and the other is my old HP iPAQ mobile device, released in something like 2003. Ready! Set!! Authenticate!!!

And each time, the 2003-ish device more quickly and reliably reads registered thumbprints. I remember converting movies to the Microsoft mwv format and having five, sometimes six, movies at my 1 gig flashchip.  (Movies of converted video cassettes, such as children plays and the like.)

So what? Who cares? Maybe you should? 

The Apple and Samsung partnership is known for bringing neat features to the mobile device marketplace. Fingerprint recognition in the Samsung 5 and iPhone 6 phones is very interesting! It's about time we had a vendor interested in security AND WILLING TO MARKET IT.

And the Samsung Note 4 is the follow up to their Note 3, a phenom mobile device with a stylus and actual handwriting recognition, features Samsung pioneered in 2013 (well, this is the impression left by other articles.).  AND WITH THIS STYLUS, you can type notes much easier!

I don't get it. Microsoft and its partners can bring products to market that have features a decade before Apple, but only Apple gets the accolades. 

It's a funny thing, tracing IT products and services and how well they do--or don't. Dig even more deeply into these products (and I hope you will), and you might discover which tools, which features, enabled business better. And that's the information that should matter more.

We in IT aren't just selling toys and features. Our analysis can't stop at comparing specs lists.

It's about enabling business application of the tools and their features. Features? They're just undocumented business benefits...

It's when we forget these precepts that we have failed projects and IT initiatives; failed products that sit on a shelf.