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Getting off the ground with your first iPhone app

My first iPhone app – “The Day Was…” has now been through two updates. I want to talk a little about how to get started with this interesting technology. As with any software, the first step is having an idea, i.e., one or more requirements.

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On Updating my first iPhone app

I recently applied my first update to my iPhone app – “The Day Was…”. As with many things in the technology world, an update is easier than getting the app into the store – the blank slate problem! Just a little bit of wrestling with the app binary is required and you use the same distribution profile as for the first submission.


Getting my first iPhone app into the App Store

Having just posted my first iPhone to the App store, I wanted to briefly describe the experience and at the same time to debunk some myths I’ve heard about since I started.

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By Stephen B. MorrisSeptember 25, 2009
Topics: Business & Management

SOA and IT Strategy

It's a rare organization that has a comprehensive IT strategy. Why does a strategy matter? For one thing, IT is now part of the DNA of all organizations. So, an effective strategy is a key business element.

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IT staff and contractors - why they matter

IT salaries and contract rates in free fall

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A day in the life of a software contractor - Forming good relationships

I wanted to share a few findings with you about my recent forays into the world of software contracting.

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The path to programming excellence ? C++ to Java from C, Pascal and others

I’ve probably used more programming languages down the years than is good for me. And like many other programmers, I mostly use Java nowadays. During my most recent product development, I made a foray back into C in order to do some Ethernet protocol analysis. Some languages are just better than others for such tasks - remember C is a system language so you can use it to dig right into the platform. Java is more constrained because of the JVM boundary. In the end, I integrated the down-to-the-metal C code right back into Java using JNI.

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By Stephen B. MorrisSeptember 28, 2007
Topics: Programming

Moving up the value chain

Following on from my previous posting on decision-making quality, I wanted to talk a little about the related subject of the value chain.

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By Stephen B. MorrisSeptember 14, 2007
Topics: Business & Management

Decision-making Quality

The need for forward momentum is perhaps one of the negative consequences of the fast pace of modern life. This issue is discussed in ex-world chess champion, Garry Kasparov’s latest book “How life imitates chess”. Kasparov feels that decision-making suffers if insufficient time is taken. He’s not alone. Edward de Bono – the inventor of lateral thinking once said that apart from extreme emergencies there is rarely a need to think quickly. Warren Buffett moved his offices out of New York City to Omaha because he wanted not one good idea every day but one good idea every year. Excessive and unnecessary speed takes a heavy toll on the quality of decision-making.

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By Stephen B. MorrisAugust 7, 2007
Topics: Information Technology