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A Chat with Sue Hanley: Reigning Queen of SharePoint Governance

Last week I had a few minutes (literally) to catch up with Susan Hanley at SPTechCon. Sue is one of three authors (with Scott Jamison and Chris Bortlik) of “Essential SharePoint 2013”, now on its third edition.  Sue is a bit of an enigma.  Her appearance is that of a composed, somewhat reserved lady, but once she starts talking, boy is she animated!  You are immediately aware that you're in the presence of someone who is hugely passionate about SharePoint.

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Keynote - SPTechCon from Boston

I attended Joel Oleson’s keynote this morning at SPTechCon in Boston.  I always enjoy attending keynotes, as they generally provide a soup-to-nuts overview (marketing spew aside) on new products.  Plus, it's fun to gauge interest in a new release or feature set based on the "ahs" or "exasperated sighs" of the studio audience. Joel Oleson (a.k.a SharePointJoel), if you haven’t heard of him, is a bit of a SharePoint hero and a prolific blogger; a guy definitely worth following if you use SharePoint. 

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