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Feeling overwhelmed by all the reading you must do?  Struggling to condense all the messages you must write?  Maybe writing is the growing problem?

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Thank You, SANS.org!

No matter what the need, few security organizations are as dedicated to helping us InfoSec Pros as SANS.

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The Enemy Within

Long ago, Traenk read about new attacks, attacks modeled after biological attacks.  Those were viruses; what new comes?

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Leap second--Are You Ready?

Two Grandfather clocks--what can you do with those?  How high-tech are those?

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Well Played, Microsoft, Well Played

Microsoft has always found support for its platforms by providing an excellent development IDE.  Now, that IDE is free, in most circumstances.

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Free Visual Studio?

Just got notice that Microsoft is making a full-featured version of Visual Studio available--for free.  Traenk is happy.

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Risk Management Versus Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability Analysis is deceptively easy. Security Red Teaming requires more than that.

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Thank you for catching up, iPhone and others

How much actual technical progress are we making in today's mobile technology?

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Which new phone is best?

How do you evaluate the many new mobile device choices?

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1830 wasn't so long ago

My family and I had a meal in Pigeon Forge, in an old mill building that's quite old, in an area settled in 1830.  Walking in with a MacBook Pro certainly seemed odd to some, but no one noticed my phone offering tethering rights.  And so it was that I posted a blog in a building that dated back 160 or more years ago.

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Iโ€™m ready, but the United Stateโ€™s infrastructure is not.

I’m outside the Cades Cove visitor’s center, hearing acoustical instruments like bangos and hammered dulcimers play.  I have my MacBook Pro, alive—charged and ready.  My phone is charged and ready and has a tethering plan, just begging to be used.

I am signal-less.

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By John TraenkenschuhCommentsSeptember 17, 2014
Topics: Access, Data

Windows 9 When?

Traenk is looking forward to Windows 9:  Here's Why.

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