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Decision Management and Process Management

Decisions are not the same as processes and should not be managed as though they are. Companies need both process agility AND decision agility.

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Achieving agility - process management is not enough

Many IT analyst firms write a great deal about achieving business agility. Some time ago a group of Gartner Group analysts wrote a linked set that was particularly thoughtful and made me think about the need for both decision management and process management.

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The secrets of business user rule maintenance

Much of the value of decision management comes from empowering business users with the promise of allowing business users to maintain business rules. But here's the dirty little secret:

Business users don't want to "maintain rules" any more than they want to "write code"

What they want to do is run their business better.

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The difference between business rules and expert systems

One of the questions I get asked a lot is about business rules relationships to expert systems. Expert systems, after all, have a bad rap in many areas thanks to complex setup and poor performance. What, then, is the difference?

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What can predictive analytics help you do?

Many people are uncertain about predictive analytics in information systems, confusing them with predictive reports in business intelligence, and are unclear on the value of predictive analytics. Executable predictive analytic models can be embedded in systems for a number of beneficial outcomes.

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Why you should loosely couple processes and rules

There is some debate about the value of loosely coupling business processes and business rules. Most of the objections, however, don't stand up to scrutiny.

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Why do decision services need adaptive control?

Adaptive Control is the ability to constantly measure and refine the approach taken to a decision within a system. Why invest in the necessary infrastructure to improve your decisions over time?

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What is a decision service?

A key tenet of Enterprise Decision Management is the automation of the operational decisions that drive your business. You need to identify operational decisions and automate them; you also need to separate them out from the rest of your applications so that they can be managed and reused. The best way to do this is to design what I call Decision Services - services in your Service Oriented Architecture that automate and manage highly targeted decisions that are part of your organization’s day-to-day operations.

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Think about decision automation not just manual decision making

Two bloggers discussed the decoupling of information from decision-making this week. They assert that the decreasing cost of getting information around an organization (and the digital nature of almost all information) means that organizations can have whoever they like make a decision and simply deliver the information to them. While this is true, it misses the potential for decision automation.

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Enterprise Decision Management and Operational BI

Enterprise Decision Management, EDM, is an approach that automates and improves operational decisions and, as such, is an ideal way to implement operational BI. A recent TDWI report reinforced this point of view.

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