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The Mac Developer Network

Steve Scott of Late Night Cocoa has started a new podcast targeted specifically at Macintosh Developers.  One of the first episodes on this podcast is a roundtable of developers with several very well known developers starting with Daniel Jalkut, Uli Kusterer and Fraser Spiers along with myself.

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Once more unto the [Beta Cycle], dear friends, once more

Today marks the first semi-public release of iWeb Buddy, a new application that I have been developing for the past few months.  Unlike seSales or applications developed as a consultant, this development cycle has been a blur of activity.

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Apple -- You Did Me A Disservice

Today is the day that most Mac users have been looking forward to for over a year.  Ever since Steve Jobs got up on stage last August and showed us Leopard for the first time.  Ever since that first peak almost all Mac users and I dare say ALL Mac developers have been looking forward to this release.  Unfortunately, today is also a day that Mac developers are going to be scrambling like rats on a burning ship.  This is because Apple decide to thumb their nose at us.

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By Marcus ZarraOctober 26, 2007
Topics: Home & Office Computing

Further development of Bullfrog 2 for OS X

Things are starting to speed up on the development of Bullfrog 2 previously mentioned here.  In our continuing disclosure about the development process, Jon Trainer has written a very informative article on how the actors are configured.

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Starting over is hard to do

I mentioned before that I am working with Jon Trainer of Outer Level to write Bullfrog 2 for OS X.  This development effort will be targeted at the as of yet unreleased OS X 10.5 Leopard.  We also promised to blog about the development as it moved forward.  Unfortunately not everything has been roses.

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